IB HL Chemistry

Here are the notes, separated by topic:

  1. Quantitative Chemistry
  2. Periodicity
  3. Atomic Structure
  4. Bonding
  5. Energetics
  6. Kinetics and Equilibrium
  7. Acids and Bases (+ additional howto for calculations )
  8. Oxidation and Reduction
  9. Organic Chemistry

Or, a zip file containing everything. I have also made a TIL (Today I Learnt) document, listing things that I learnt while doing past papers. I suggest you peruse these, as most of them are quite subtle points that simply need to be known: Chemistry TIL.

About the notes

As you may see, these chemistry notes are not all in the same format. Some are typed, some are done on paper (and even those aren’t homogeneous). This is because as we learnt the topics in class, I made notes before each test. It was my intention to redo these and make a nice complete set of good notes prior to the final exams. However, in the end I realised that this would be rather inefficient. The best notes – the new ones I made – are probably the ones on Kinetics, Equilibrium and Chemistry in Industry (the typed notes aren’t too shabby either). Bear in mind that these are for the 2015 exams, so please refer to your new syllabus accordingly. I have also included an ‘Acid Base Calculations’ sheet, which I put together to remind me how to do the calculations.