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What we learnt building an enterprise-blockchain startup

It has been almost a year since the idea of HyperVault was first conceived. In that time, we built HyperVault up from a single sentence, gained and lost team members along the way, developed a functional proof-of-concept over the short winter holidays, crashed out of a few competitions (also won a couple of prizes), and finally decided to open source. This post aims to be an honest reflection on the journey – highlighting both the good bits and the times we wanted to give up.


Stormy Seas for Proof of Work

In this post we will be examining one of the main problems with Proof of Work (PoW) – not the energy inefficiency (as it is debatable how much of a problem this really is), but something more fundamental with the consensus process. In the past couple of months we have seen a number of cryptocurrencies fall victim to 51% attacks. Verge, Bitcoin Gold, ZenCash, and Electroneum are just a few coins that have been targeted, resulting in a total equivalent theft of $5 million (not to mention the subsequent loss in market value of the coins).