Category: Productivity

Molecular Notes: my Second Brain

In this post I present Molecular Notes, a note-taking system I created to help me learn from diverse sources (books, textbooks, articles, courses), distil insights, and synthesise new ideas. Molecular Notes is how I approach my Second Brain ā€“ the body of concepts and ideas that are relevant to my understanding of the world, both personally and professionally.


How I Read Books

I recently launched a website to open-source some of my book reviews. To accompany this, Iā€™d like to share some thoughts on my philosophy of reading books, and how my current workflow reflects this philosophy.


How I use Notion

This post is a fairly comprehensive discussion of how I use Notion (a free personal knowledge management app) to organise various aspects of my life: project management, reading, academics, plans/goals, investing, and more. The post is not designed to be read linearly ā€“ pick and choose the bits that are relevant to you.